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“The most amazing Beach Club of Canary Islands”


Another Day In Paradise

Papagayo it’s a reflection of a light that only exists on this side of the world, where the ocean changes its colour and nature grows from an exotic and warm land. Because paradise is hidden in those places where you can connect with the environment and yourself, feeling how that inner energy flows that unleashes your cooler side.


Dancing under the Moon

It’s the music, the thrill, it’s a smile on the dancing floor and the complicity of the Moon and the stars. Papagayo transforms every night into a dream paradise to fly with wings from our dj set, where the most powerful artists on the scene meet.



Papagayo’s concept is completed with his firm commitment to high gastronomy, with a predilection for excellence and quality and open to every type of taste. A gourmet concept that has made it one of the best gastronomic spaces in Tenerife.

Enjoy Our Brunch

Take care of yourself. Life starts from a balance that begins with basic care and a healthy and complete diet. That’s the goal we set for ourselves when we make our brunch, conceived as a healthy delicacy to enjoy while feeling the freedom and the Atlantic breeze.

Feel The Sunset

As the sun completes its daily cycle and begins to caress us with the light from the West, an amazing color palette floods Papagayo.  It’s the transition towards a sunset that bathes our beach club as in a celebration of and unrepeatable and profound time -almost mystical- in which the best lounge sound opens a door to our interior.