About us

The finest example of a Beach Club concept can be found in the south of Tenerife, opposite Troya Beach, in the municipality of Arona. The Papagayo Beach Club stands out majestically. It is an extraordinary area for leisure and culture which has become an innovative and benchmark meeting point on the island of Tenerife. Just imagine everything you can do here in one day, and don’t go far. Stay tuned to what we have to offer…

The magic of our offer is born in the turquoise blue of the sea which bathes one of the club’s boundaries. Protected by the Atlantic, this is where the foundations were laid for a project designed to the last detail and for the comfort of its clients. The Papagayo Beach Club blends the best in electronic music culture with enticing cocktails and live shows. We are talking about nightlife culture and leisure, delicious food and unforgettable moments, every one of them unique.

Papagayo implies long and hypnotic journeys set in ideal surroundings for pleasure and escapism… for exclusive sensations. It is seaside breakfast from Mondays to Sundays in Tenerife’s prime tourist resort. It is first class cuisine with a menu which offers anything from a delicious hamburger to the finest seafood or the best meat dishes. Papagayo is also an unbeatable mirador from which to gaze out at the islands of El Hierro, La Palma and La Gomera on those warm evenings. It is also the joy of a friendly climate 365 days a year. Very often, when the rest of Europe shivers with cold, Arona cradles the best sun on this side of the planet. Paradise here is tropical.

Papagayo is nightlife and, at the same time, much more than that. The meaning of the place, the care and generosity in which this global leisure idea has been developed, allows it to boast a unique offer….music, catering, a conference centre, a setting for events, relaxing “islands”… everything you need.

Eternal sea views, the building’s predominant white, our carefully selected choice of music, a personalised attention to our clients, our team of well trained and professional staff, the sheer size and flexibility of the building’s design… all these mean the Papagayo Beach Club has certainly got the best to offer in leisure.

Clients can find all these facilities on two floors, in a total of five bars (all boasting professional bartenders), on beachside terraces, in special reservations corners, with Balinese beds and even palapas with sea views so you can enjoy those special relaxing moments. If there is any place to hold a celebration and guarantee its success it is at the Papagayo. The versatility of the building allows for any combination you can imagine.

Elegance, comfort, innovation, pampering cuisine and cocktails… and all provided with special care and the finest service thanks to our very professional staff.