The first rays of light from the sun presents the prologue of a new day in which you can enjoy a light breakfast and a delicious lunch, with the sea breeze around you, and an offer of gastronomic cuisine which blends the Mediterranean lifestyle, the international cuisine and the finest Canarian products.


As the sun completes its daily cycle and begins to caress us with the light of the West, appears, in all its splendour, the concept of ‘beach club’ which celebrates that magical daily moment with the best cocktails, Gin-Tonics and a soundtrack where chill-out opens a door inside of us to experience moments of genuine pleasure.


The moon has taken the stage and becomes a mischievous companion to our nocturnal adventures. After a dinner, lit by its accomplice light, the night transforms into an extreme habitat with a hedonistic touch. The power that lights up our booth –with a line-up of top artists- making Papagayo Beach Club in an international reference of electronic music.